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  • Flyover Approches
  • Bridge abutments
  • Conventional site retaining walls
  • Landscaping walls
  • Waterfront walls
  • Walls for mining and Industrial
  • Tiered architectural walls
  • Wall Facing systems
  • Retaining walls
  • Reinforced steep Slopes
  • Reinforced Embankments Over Soft soils
  • Landslide Repair
  • Surficial Stability of Embankments
  • Embankments Constructed Over Weak Soils
  • Temporary Walls
  • Pressure Relief Walls

Services And Supply :

The Following are Supplied By Us :

Engineering, design & drawings of the reinforced Earth structure including detailing.
Geogrid material
Moulds for casting Facing panels.
Connector Bars / Tie rods
Delivery of materials to site
On - site technical assistance and supervision of works
Liffing Arrangements
Panel lifting equipments

Wall Facings : Wall facing can be

Concrete Panels
Concrete Blocks

Construction Sequence :

The erection of Reinforced Earth wall is a simple and fast procedure.
Careful attention to the recommended method of construction shall ensure a good result.

Unloading and Storage of components :

The panels are transported to site and stored in stacks.
Wooden Block are used to separate each panel in order to prevent damage to the panel face and to the reinforcing strip connectors (called tie rod / connector Bars).

Erection of panels and connection of Geogrid :

The first row of panels is placed on concrete leveling pad. To ensure that these panels do not move from their correct initial position during backfilling, they are braced in a vertical position using with wodden clam-ps and tie rods.

Each subsequent row of panels fits in the space formed by the panels already in place.

The verticality and correct alignment of the panels are controlled by:

Wooden wedges placed on the outside face of the wall in the step formed near the wing portion.

These wedges are gradually removed as the wall rises.

Clamping each panel to adjacent panels while back-filling is in progress Careful monitoring of the compaction equipment Careful monitoring of movement of the panels during backfilling and compaction

Courses of fascia panels are separated by rubber pads and the horizontal and vertical joints are covered with geotextile to prevent backfill fines from leaching out. Reinforcing grids are placed only after the backfill compacted to each layer of connector Rod.

Our Services :
Casting Platform Preparation Panel Transportation
Mould Alignment PCC Laying for levelling Pad
Steel Reinforcement Panel Erection
Connector Bar Embendment Panel Alignment
Panel Casting Geogrid Fixing
Panel Curing Geotextile Fixing
Deep Curing Erection of subsequent Layers
Panel Lifting Completed Wall
Panel Staking