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  • Flyover Approches
  • Bridge abutments
  • Conventional site retaining walls
  • Landscaping walls
  • Waterfront walls
  • Walls for mining and Industrial
  • Tiered architectural walls
  • Wall Facing systems
  • Retaining walls
  • Reinforced steep Slopes
  • Reinforced Embankments Over Soft soils
  • Landslide Repair
  • Surficial Stability of Embankments
  • Embankments Constructed Over Weak Soils
  • Temporary Walls
  • Pressure Relief Walls
Placing and Compaction of the Select Backfill :

The select backfill is placed and compacted in layers up to a maximum height of 200 mm. Tracked equipment should not come into direct contact with the reinforcing strips. Heavy equipment should not come within 1.5 meters of the wall face.

Compaction close to the wall shall be done with hand operated vibrating plates or rollers. The degree of compaction required depends on the function of the structure and is stated in the projects specifications but in any case should not be less than 95% of the maxi-mum dry density (Standard Compaction). The backfill should not be placed with moisture content than Optimum Moisture Content.

Choice of select Backfill :

A Reinforced Earth wall requires a select, non plastic, granular backfill material with the following properties fordry land structures.

Physical Characteristics :

The grading curve for select backfill must be within the limits of the non-shaded zones. In the first instance, material with less than 15% of a sample passing a 75 micron sieve is acceptable without further testing provided the whole sample passes a 150 mm sieve. Earth backfill which does not meet the standard criteria may be acceptable subject to design review and additional testing.

Details of the selection criteria can be obtained from us. All backfill which is proposed to be used in Reinforced Earth structures should be tested to confirm that the criteria specified is satisfied and test results should be approved prior to its use.

Technical characteristics :

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